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Vista wipe out

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I was playing a couple games on my laptop today and looked over at my Playstation 3 to watch the nice little animated theme I have setup on it. It was then that I realized I should Google a PS3 driver for Windows Vista, which I did. I found one and downloaded it and after installing it my Vista revolted into Test Mode and refuses to come out of it. My networking goes in and out, stability of the system has gone to crap and I’ve decided to do what I have been putting off for the last 3 months. Rebuild the machine.
I’ve started backing everything off my Windows Partition onto a secondary partition and I will format and reinstall Vista tonight. I will probably spend all day tomorrow installing things and getting it restored to it’s current configuration. Meaning my time spent on developing will be cut short. Sad that it happened just as I started working on documentation on the Codeplex site and prepped a test Runtime for the initial Alpha release of the engine. Looks like my plans will be pushed back another week.