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Synchronizing PC/iPhone Bookmarks

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Following up on my previous bookmarking post, I turned to Google for a synchronizing solution. I wanted to synchronize my bookmarks across Firefox, Internet Explorer and my iPhone. After trying several solutions the best one ended up being xMarks. I created an account on their site, and installed the Firefox & Internet Explorer plug-ins. It uploaded the favorites from both browsers to the xMarks servers, and then synchronized the two of them. As I browsed the web today, I bookmarked a couple websites to test it out, both in IE7 and Firefox, and the plug-in informed me of the changes and kept things in sync.

It was a little problematic at first getting the two initially synced, but once that process was completed the xMarks plug-in works like a dream. For Internet Explorer it installs as a Windows Application running in the task tray. As I browse and make changes to my Internet Explorer the system tray icon changes to let me know that my favorites need to be synchronized with their servers. When I open Firefox, a little icon in the lower right corner of the Firefox status bar shows me that I need to synchronize my favorites. A simple right click on the icon provides me the ability to sync the Favorites and a few short seconds later my favorites are synced once again. It’s a painless process and works great.

Now to finish the setup, I opened up my iTunes and selected my iPhone. Under the Info tab, I scrolled down to the Web Browser section and turned on Sync Bookmarks. I selected Internet Explorer and synced my iPhone. Now every time I add a favorite to my primary browser (Firefox), I can sync it with Internet Explorer instantly and sync it with my iPhone on my next sync.