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Synchronizing PC/iPhone Bookmarks

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Following up on my previous bookmarking post, I turned to Google for a synchronizing solution. I wanted to synchronize my bookmarks across Firefox, Internet Explorer and my iPhone. After trying several solutions the best one ended up being xMarks. I created an account on their site, and installed the Firefox & Internet Explorer plug-ins. It uploaded the favorites from both browsers to the xMarks servers, and then synchronized the two of them. As I browsed the web today, I bookmarked a couple websites to test it out, both in IE7 and Firefox, and the plug-in informed me of the changes and kept things in sync.

It was a little problematic at first getting the two initially synced, but once that process was completed the xMarks plug-in works like a dream. For Internet Explorer it installs as a Windows Application running in the task tray. As I browse and make changes to my Internet Explorer the system tray icon changes to let me know that my favorites need to be synchronized with their servers. When I open Firefox, a little icon in the lower right corner of the Firefox status bar shows me that I need to synchronize my favorites. A simple right click on the icon provides me the ability to sync the Favorites and a few short seconds later my favorites are synced once again. It’s a painless process and works great.

Now to finish the setup, I opened up my iTunes and selected my iPhone. Under the Info tab, I scrolled down to the Web Browser section and turned on Sync Bookmarks. I selected Internet Explorer and synced my iPhone. Now every time I add a favorite to my primary browser (Firefox), I can sync it with Internet Explorer instantly and sync it with my iPhone on my next sync.


Bookmarking Fading out?

January 24, 2010 1 comment

I ran into an issue today that I really hadn’t thought about in the past. I re-installed Vista on my laptop this weekend, and went to go check out a website and realized that Internet Explorer didn’t have the website I wanted to go check out in my Bookmarks. It was then that I realized I’ve been using Firefox for the last year or so, and the two didn’t synchronize their bookmarks together. This wasn’t much of an issue, as I just downloaded Firefox and checked out it’s bookmarks. This is when reality set in, and it dawned on me that the ‘Favorites’ directory that is stored under C:\Users\\Favorites only contains the Favorites for Internet Explorer. No big deal, I think I probably bookmarked like 12 sites over the course of the year, which got me thinking about Bookmarks and their functionality.

Search Engines have really removed the need for bookmarks. When you have Google you can just search for the item you want. My bookmarks are all sorted and kept in a clean managed state so I can find my links quickly and easily, but when you have several hundred or thousand, it’s still quicker to just search for it. Sometimes the websites initial home page URL has changed and thus your bookmark fails to find the site. How many people really use bookmarks anymore? I can see them being used for specific items such as an article, tutorial or someone’s profile, but for software, news sites or social sites, bookmarking really isn’t needed. Web browsers now feature a nice history view while entering a website and I find I use that more than anything. Typing FAC in the URL field will display the Facebook site, allowing my to simple click it and go to my profile on Facebook. Bookmarking in general I think is fading as it’s usually a slower process to find the site I need traversing my collection of bookmarks when I can just Google it or type it in the URL field of my browser.