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F1 2010 lockup solution

September 27, 2010 2 comments

After playing my F1 2010 over the weekend and loving it, I was ready to spend my day off playing it today. However when I woke up I found that my game would no longer load, my PS3 would freeze constantly during startup.
After contacting Codemasters it appears it is my saved data that is corrupt, which apparently happens when performing a R&D test during practice. They gave me some tips to fix the issue and I wanted to share that email for those of you experiencing the same issues.

We have now identified that this only occurs if, after completing the objective, you…

– Retire to the paddock via the Engineer (in the garage).
– Terminally damage your car and select retire to paddock.
– Get disqualified and select retire to paddock.

As long as you progress to the qualifying session before quitting the game this problem will not occur.

They are working on a update that will fix this issues. They worked quickly to find the problem, when I originally emailed them I was told they couldn’t reproduce it however little over two hours later they had found how it was happening and responded with the aforementioned email. Hope this helps others out until the next update.

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