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Security of your data

June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

I logged into my Google account the other day and had a nice little banner that ran across the top of my GMail that said “We believe your account might have been accessed by someone in China”; or something to that affect. There was a link that I clicked on that showed me the IP address of the person that accessed my Google account and sure enough, it was from China.

I went ahead and performed a Sign out of all sessions and then changed my password, and went on my marry way. I thought about it though and realized that Google did something that no body else really does anymore. They alerted me to the fact that my account was accessed by someone other than myself. Why can’t more companies do this? They ask ‘remember this computer’ and people usually select that option to do so, but they don’t let you know when a computer other than the one you selected to be remembered has logged into your account.

This brought some concern to me over the security of our data that is stored online. While I don’t really keep personal information on the internet, there’s still those that bank online and use their credit cards for transactions. How secure is your data? You only know what the companies want you to know, and if there’s the possibility for your information to become accessible to the public in some way, they aren’t going to tell you. That’s just bad business there.

Moral of the story is, be wary about trusting online companies with your personal data. It might not be as secure as they lead you to believe.

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