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Daily Planner

February 22, 2010 1 comment

I was looking at the new iPad today & really liked how the new Calendar looks. My dad asked me why I hadn’t ever looked into writing something like that for Windows and I guess I just hadn’t ever had the need for it. I decided to take a crack at it today, and the first thing I did was went to Google to find its Calendar API so that I could get my calendar data on my desktop.
I began building the user interface and had to create a custom control for my tasks and it’s going pretty smoothly at the moment.

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My Technologically Filled Day.

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

My iPhone has really become an important aspect of my day-to-day routine. I posted updates to Twitter, update my status on Facebook, check my email, update my Calendar events, mark off my Task-list and use my voice to find a restaurant near me so I can make reservations for the night. It’s great.

I start my days off usually with a quick tweet or two from my iPhone twitter client Twittelator (free version available).

Once I’ve done that I scoot on to work, logging my arrival time into Momento, which is my daily journal app. It works great and I use it to log various conversations I’ve had throughout the day, and personal opinions on various items that pass through my desk… Opinions that can’t be voiced in a public forum due to job security. Another nice thing with Momento is that it connects to my facebook and twitter profiles, and pulls in my status and tweets from there, building a timeline I can follow at a later point in time. Posts that I make within Momento I can tag with various tags, include people and locations within it. Then at a later time, I can search through sort able tags to help find what I’m looking for. It works great

As I progress through the day I’ll obtain various new tasks I need to accomplish or complete, and I’ll log those into Pocket Informant (Free version available). Pocket Informant connects with my Toodeldo account and synchronizes with it. Allowing me to take my tasks home and access them via my laptop while I work from home. Pocket Informant also synchronizes pretty well with my Google Calendar allowing me to create and manage my calendar events on the go. Since Google is my central repository anyway for all my email, documents, RSS feeds and photo management, it’s nice that my apps all sync with Google and allow me to access my data everywhere I go.

As I get free time throughout the day I’ll try to spend some time reading my RSS feeds. The Google Reader works pretty well via a web browser on the iPhone, but I prefer to use MobileRSS (Free version available). It syncs with Google Reader and lets me send content to my Read It Later account (iPhone app available in Pro & Free), along with Instapaper, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and Email.
It supports Google Article sharing and comments as well, which makes it nice.

As the day comes to a close I post a few more updates to twitter and facebook (via the facebook app), make what ever adjustments I need to do with my events and tasks, and off to bed I go to start a new day tomorrow using the same apps again.

I love how the iPhone has allowed me to be more productive with less effort. I even import and manage my iPhone photo’s with Google’s Picasa and it’s a piece of cake.

I ❤ my iPhone.

Re-writing things is usually good…

February 7, 2010 3 comments

I spent some time today re-writing the Load code for the Rooms, allowing for users to supply only a Room name now instead of being required to supply the full path and filename to the Room file. Instead, the engine Checks which Zone the current Room is inside of, and then checks that Zone to see if the supplied Room is within it. If it finds it, it will load the Room and everything goes smooth. If its not then a fatal error will be presented, which I’ll address and replace with a message box sometime this weekend. If the Room that the user wants to load is within a different Zone or Realm, that can be supplied to the Room during Loading, and the Room will load the requested new Room without the user having to do any work on figuring out the full file path. Of course, for those of you just using the GUI editor, none of this will really affect you as this only pertains to those who use the source code.

I also addressed an issue where changing a doorways Travel Direction was not happening. Doorways can now be changed and users can create complete environments now without any restrictions.

Finally users can now get the current installed location for any Room once it has been loaded via a new Room.InstallPath property. The property checks the Rooms owning Zone and Realm and constructs its install path based off of their values.

The update to the engine and designer today was mostly internal work and didn’t really affect the GUI aspects of the toolkit. However, I did add Deleting of Rooms within the Room Designer, so that users can delete un-wanted Rooms now. This was something that should have been added a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to implement it. To many other things that I was focused on at the time lol

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It’s alive!

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I spent most of last night working on the Mud Designer and finally got the offline runtime testing up and running. I fixed some various bugs that where in place and uploaded the latest version of the engine as both a binary release and source code release. I even put together a youtube video showing the creation of a project from the initial setup, to creating zones & rooms, building doorways and then testing it within the offline runtime.

The new Command Engine made programming the offline runtime pretty easy, and will make the online runtime even easier. The command engine accepts a string of text supplied by the user entering a command, and then it checks the engine to see if the class exists that matches the name of the command entered. If it does, then it executes the code within that class.

Next I’m going to work on extending on the player class some, and start implementing item and equipment support. The next couple of weeks will be pretty slow on the project, but I’ll be able to get a couple uploads a week done at least.

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