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Currency Editor & additional changes

Well I actually got the Currency editor up and running rather quickly tonight. Since Currencies are a rather minor element to a game, I decided to just rely completely on a PropertyGrid to get the job done, and it worked out pretty well.

Once the Currency Editor was completed I went back and began doing some cleaning up. When I was working on the HUB I had it searching the Project Managers directory instead of every directory within the solution for .exe files that could be editor applications. At the time I only had the 1 editor (Project Manager) and so I really didn’t worry about it. I spent about 30 minutes tonight revising the code and getting it working properly and I’m pretty pleased with it. I also added some exception handling tonight to the HUB incase it tries to start an editor app that does not exist for some reason.

I moved the Environments namespace into an Objects namespace so now it reads as Objects.Environments. I also created a BaseObject class that will contain basic information that all objects in the game will share, such as a Name & Description. I then changed the Realm, Zone and Room classes to inherit from BaseObject.

With the Currency Editor already completed, I think I will spend some time tomorrow if I can working on the Realm Builder. I need to take the time and think out how it needs to look visually, as it’s not going to be a very detailed editor. Realms are simply put, a container that holds Zones for organizing purposes only, so nothing fancy will be needed.

So far so good, the Mud Designer is really coming along pretty well.

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