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Ok, maybe this isn’t the best route…

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

I began implementing the Managed Scripting engine into the MUD Creator Tool Kit and found that I wasn’t thrilled with how it was going to work. While the engine provided a simple approach to creating objects, it wasn’t practical for what I needed, and thus I have reverted back to the previous version of the Mud Creator Tool Kit using the XML file formats. I have also opted out of allowing custom expandability as the engine and tool kit are open sourced, so this removes the constraints I had when I was previously working on the Pre-Alpha edition of the kit. The original UI will be re-implemented and the engine will be useable once again by the end of tonight.

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MUD Creator redesign underway

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I started Monday working on the re-write of the MUD Creator. I uploaded a new copy of the source to CodePlex SVN with all the source files deleted and slowly began commiting new files as I worked on them. The user interface will be re-designed from the ground up with the custom UI being trashed for a more traditional Windows UI. The editors will be seperated into seperate forms instead of having everything contained on a single form like the previous versions where. This should help make things a little easier to find and let me work on building a work flow through the menus.
I’ll be spending today working on it, designing the UI and focusing on fleshing out a couple classes that I uploaded to SVN.

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Apple Restored my iPhone

October 28, 2009 Leave a comment

So i destroyed the screen on my iPhone the other night by dropping it face down on my driveway. I was expecting to pay $499 for a new one but was surprised when Apple told me my warrenty allowed me to buy one at $199. Still expensive but better than paying retail.
I really love how the iPhone works in regards to synchronizing. I went and bought my new phone last night, brought it home & plugged it into my laptop and once it was done restoring and syncing my phone was back to its old self. While it took almost two hours to do the restore and sync my data, it was worth the wait. No othe phone works so smoothly when it comes to restoring back ups.

Apple 1 everyone else 0

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Custom iPhone Ringtones. Make them Freely

October 25, 2009 2 comments

I got tired of searching for free ways to take my existing music collection and create ringtones for my iPhone in a manor that did not cost me $19.99. There really isn’t that much involved in it, just cut up a song, and convert it to an AAC file that iPhones can play back. Seems simple right? Well I guess all the companies out there feel it’s a difficult thing to do, and so they charge you for the conversion process.

After doing some research I found that Nero offers a free set of command line based AAC tools for encoding WAV files into an AAC file. Sweet! Only thing I needed now was to cut up the song, which I can do easily with Audacity. Another free application.

What did I do? I wrote myself a quick little application called iPhoneRingtones that would use the AAC toolset and convert my WAV files exported from Audacity into AAC ringtones, rename the M4A filename to M4R (iPhone ringtone extension) and then copy the ringtone into the iTunes Ringtones folder, launch iTunes and add it to the iTunes library. It’s simple, quick and takes literally seconds to convert and add to the library.

I bundled the whole thing together in a zip file, including Audacity, the Nero AAC encoder Tools, and my iPhoneRingtones application. They can be downloaded HERE

The download includes instructions on setting it up and getting your music converted into an iPhone ringtone, for free! You can use MP3, OGG, AIF or WAV files to load into Audacity, cut the song up till you have what you want for a ringtone, and then EXPORT the song as a WAV file. Once exported run the iPhoneRingtones.exe application, browse to the neroAacEnc.exe which is found under the Encoder directory included in the downloaded ZIP file. Then you will need to select the directory of your iTunes Music Library. This MUST be the ‘iTunes Music’ folder. An example would be C:\Users\Scionwest\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music.

Once those two options have been set, click ‘Create Ringtone’ and select your WAV file. Once you have selected your WAV file, the app will launch the Nero Encoder and convert it into an iPhone ringtone, start iTunes, add it to your Ringtones library and tada! You can now select the ringtone from your iPhone Synchronize settings under the ringtones tab, and sync it.

One last note, I’ve found that ringtones longer than 30 seconds wont show up in the ringtones library. Keep your ringtones to 20~25 seconds so that iTunes will make sure it’s placed inside your phones ringtones library.

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Amazon feeling the pressure

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Acording to Slashdot, Amazon is prepping a Windows PC application that will allow windows users to read their Kindle books on their Windows PC, iPhones via Kindle for iPhone or the Kindle device.

This is an interesting twist, and something that I’ve felt Amazon has needed to do for quiet some time. Major players such as Google, Sony and Barnes & Noble are competing in the eBook market and Amazon I’m sure will be risking costumers if they do not follow suit and provide a desktop application for reading eBooks.

Personally for the cost of the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader or Amazon’s Kindle people can purchase an iPod Touch for less money, and download for free the Kindle of iPhone and download the Barnes & Noble for iPhone, both of which will read the entire library of Google Bookes, Barnes & Noble books and any other website that supports the widely popular ePub format.

Amazon is going to see some serious competition from Sony, Barnes & Noble and Google, and will have to offer ePub as a supported format on their Kindle device if they want to compete.

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Follow me!

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I have two different twitter accounts I have setup, one for random tweets about what I’m doing, and another for the Managed Scripting Engine. Come follow my tweets!

Scionwest Tweets

Managed Scripting Tweets

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Blogging\Tweeting from anyplace.

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

I spent the night setting up my laptop and iPhone so I can blog and tweet from them both while I’m at home or out and about doing things. For tweeting I have three different twitter apps on my iphone but found that Tweet Deck works best on the phone.

They have Tweet Deck iPhone and Tweet Deck PC, and between the two I am able to update my twitter account, and monitor the people I follow without much of a haste. Both applications are free to download and use which is a plus.

For RSS reading, I used Google Reader to act as a hub, allowing me to store all my RSS feeds there, then I downloaded RSS Bandit for Windows and monitor my feeds from my desktop as RSS Bandit allows for Google Reader synchronizing. For the iPhone I downloaded RSS which synchronizes with Google Reader as well. Now all of my RSS readers are synced together and I have all my basis covered. Like my Twitter apps, both RSS Bandit and RSS are free applications to download and use.

For blogging I use Windows Live Writer to post blogs from my PC, and I use BlogPress to post blogs from my iPhone. While Windows Live Writer is a free download provided by Microsoft, BlogPress costs $2.99. It’s well worth the cost, and there is a free version available HERE to try prior to buying.

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